Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tiling and Mud

How many Vennard men does it take to tile a bathroom floor? Three! Four, if you could Dad's tools! Jimmy, Dann, and Sampson successfully tiled our bathroom floor over the weekend.

I spent the weekend planting ninja vegetable plants among the decorative grasses. I got permission to plant my veggies in the ground this year instead of in containers on my porch. Sampson helped by collecting the weeds I pulled and well, attempting to sweep the dirt.

Oh, also by walking through the puddles.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Over the weekend we enjoyed a pizza playdate with Sampson's friend Allison. They had not seen each other in almost a year (which was the fault of their parental units!). It took a little warming up, but soon they were fast friends again.

They babbled on together and shared toys. Turns out, they both love to climb the stairs...

...and the television!

The next day, we had another playdate with Birth Center friends at Bellevue Park. It was lovely day and perfect for running ramped on the playground. The first thing we saw was a little Sampson-sized gazeebo filled with Sampson-sized chairs. He was so excited! He tested out a few really neat chairs carved from tree trunks. He really loved them! Any wood workers out there??

I was really impressed by how mobile Sampson is. I thought he would need my help on all the equipment but I could hardly keep up with him to take pictures! I guess he gets a lot of practice since Dad and Mr. Bill both take him to the playground a few times a week. He was cautious at first, tried things out to make sure he could do it. Once he mastered something , he wanted to go again and again and again. He walked across the wobbly bridge at least 10 times.

And of course the slides were hugely popular with Sampson. He climbed the stairs, maneuvered his feet around to the front, and pushed himself down the slide! He mostly went down the little slides, and then he got brave and tried the bigger twisty slide! He was startled the first time, but decided he liked it and went over and over again.

The park has a sandbox with a canoe. Sampson likes to dig holes and move earth! He'll be a great worker in a few years.